Daniel Bertoni
                                               327 Bermond Ave Endicott NY, 13760

·         To give students as many physical, mental and social activities as possible. Leading to students who develop friendships, loyalty, cooperation and self control. These students will show confidence and enthusiasm in the goals they set, and persevere in all obstacles they face. 

·        Bachelor of Science in Education                                                                            12/13
State University of New York at Cortland
·         Associates of Arts and Sciences in Education                                                         05/11
State University of New York at Delhi
·         Advanced Regents Diploma                                                                                     06/09
Union-Endicott High-School

Field Experience
·         Head Coach for CYO Basketball                                                                    11/13-02/14
While coaching a church league basketball team, I encouraged varsity level players develop proper technique and run numerous plays. Our team focused on getting to know the game better and working as a unit. Also while coaching, I was required to organize paperwork, and set up our practice and game times.

·          Assistant Coach for Union-Endicott Track Team                                        11/13-02/14
While assisting the track team at two levels, I was asked to perform many different tasks. The modified level had a focus of improvement and fun. I helped the distance runners improve their times throughout the course of a season by creating effective workouts that would help build speed and endurance. At the varsity level I was asked to focus on the form of the runners. Improvement was also a key factor while the level of performance was more competitive.

·         Assistant Coach for Union Endicott Soccer Team                                         08/13-11/13
While assisting the boys soccer team I helped create drills and small sided games. This helped improve the athlete’s awareness on the field. I also helped keep track of statistics such as time played, goals, assists and saves. Assisting the coach helped me see the details a coach has to be aware of; such as relaying information to parents, when to start pre season and even when start specific drills at a specific part of the season.

·         Counselor for Boys and Girls Club Summer Fun Program                       06/13-08/13  
The summer fun program for the club was a “drop in” program. This meant the number of students varied each day. We ranged between thirty and seventy students daily. The students were from all different backgrounds and all different ages (5-12). Some students spoke English as a second language and some were in high needs schools. This gave me the chance to observe and teach different learning styles and ability. Children who are seven years old are at an entirely different level than a twelve year old. Modifying physical activities to be appropriate for all of the age groups was an exciting challenge that I welcomed. I also lifeguard for the club, my duties include teaching swimming lessons to students who sign up for 6 week programs. Lessons are given on Saturdays and offer a great learning experience for swimmers of all levels.

·         Student Teaching at Union-Endicott School District                                     01/13-03/13
At Union-Endicott, I had the chance to work with students at the elementary level. I tried to focus on practicing my management skills as much as possible during this time. Students seemed to appreciate structure and that is what I tried to provide to them. Management skills can help keep students on task and even help improve student’s ability to learn. I also assessed student’s psychomotor abilities with the TGMD2 form. While I was at Union-Endicott, I assessed student learning during a cup stacking unit and a healthy heart unit. Both of which, student’s improved their cognitive and psychomotor skills.

·        Observational Hours for Adapted Physical Education                                         11/12
At SUNY Cortland we took a class which gave us the opportunity to work with all ages of students who have disabilities. The disabilities ranged from Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome and Autism. I worked with a one and a half year old who was just beginning his Physical Education experience. Working with such a young age required me to change my teaching strategies, specifically my approach methods. Lastly I developed an Individualized Education Plan for this student which will be with him for the rest of his educational career.

·         Dean’s List – SUNY Cortland Fall of 2011
·         Most Valuable Runner – Union-Endicott HS
·         Tiger Pride Award – Union Endicott HS
·         Most Improved Wrestler – Union Endicott HS
·         11 Varsity Letters- Union Endicott HS
·         2007 Class A Section 4 Individual/Team Cross Country Champion- STAC
·         Brent Bowers Athlete of the Year Award- Boys & Girls Club

·        Certified to teach the Physical Best program                                                         12/13
·        Certified Lifeguard                                                                                                   Present
·        AAHPERD Member                                                                                                09/13
·        NYSTCE -  Physical Education CST (076)                                                              06/13
·        NYSTCE – ATS-W (091)                                                                                          04/13
·        NYSTCE - LAST Certification (001)                                                                        02/13
·        CPR/AED – Adult & Child plus CPR for Infants                                                     09/12
·        First Aid – Responding to Emergencies                                                                    09/12
·        Teaching Sun Safety to Kids Certification                                                                03/12
·        Students Against Violence in Education Certification                                              10/11
·        Child and Youth Protection Program “Protecting Gods Children for Adults”         09/11
·        Training in Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment           12/10